Green Revolution, a successful initiative in the 1970s, was aimed at high production of crops through usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. But in the long term, continuous use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides have rendered the soil as infertile and the pests and vop diseases have developed resistance for the chemical composition. With growing population and demand for food crops, there arises a demand for sustainable cultivation.

Organic farming is one of the ancient farming techniques used in India. It is reliant on natural organic wastes, green manure and avoids use of artificial fertilizers. One of the key benefits of organic farming is the protection of soil fertility through action of soil microorganisms and nitrogen self-sufficiency.  Cakes, a by-product of oil extraction process are natural fertilizers with adequate content of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), Potassium (K) and nitrification inhibition property to improve soil fertility. Karanji and neem have natural pest repelling qualities and their oils now increasingly being used in bio-friendly,non-harmful pest repellents.

Machinery is an integral part of every industry and maintenance of machinery is critical for uninterrupted production. Continuous operations generate more heat by friction, wearing down the parts leading to frequent failures. Lubricants act as a coolant, facilitate smooth functioning and increase the reliability of machine. Non-edible oils are used in eco-friendly lubricant with high viscosity, low evaporation rate, biodegradability and non-emission of greenhouse gases.

Realizing the potential of non-edible oil demand, Bhanu industries pioneered in the production and supply of non-edible oils in India. First-rate quality ingredients and workers with technical experience conjoined to establish and sustain success in this field for five decades.  Self-sustained, environment friendly infrastructure, focus on hygiene, assurance of quality at every stage are the trust building factors behind our success mantra.


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